89 Cent Cake Was Just Fine

Have you heard the term “reframing?” Just like it sounds, you place an old picture into a new frame. Your thoughts can be reframed until you start thinking in a positive way all or most of the time. So take that old thought process and put it into a new frame.

Recently I had one of those days where I could have been completely annoyed by the fact that I had to go to multiple places to get a cake for my husband, and ended up just making a cheap cake mix from a box.

The old me would have been so angry about all of the detours the day threw at me, but I have been working for so many years at being in my happy place on a daily basis, that shooting the first half of this video was actually a bit difficult. Enjoy a laugh if you have 3 and a half minutes.

Learning to reframe was not an overnight affair. It was work. I often had to “fake it till I make it” when in a long line, or when the cashier was less than competent. I frequently bit my tongue when someones opinion did not mesh with mine. I worked avidly at understanding a person who was so far away from my political viewpoint that I wanted to scream.

Does this ring true for you? When you go on a diet, it should always be the replacing of a bad food for a good food. In like manner, we can replace our bad thoughts for good ones.

When learning a musical instrument it is the day by day practicing that over time turns you into a true musician. In the same vein the daily practice of finding joy in a long line, or a traffic jam will make us enjoy our day to the fullest instead of lamenting over situations we cannot change.

Go an enjoy this day…and the next day….and the next. Life is meant to be lived, enjoyed, relished and cherished. Your infectious joy will spread and spread until you are truly an enlightened being filled with love. You will attract so much more beauty into your life. And, once in a while, enjoy an 89 cent cake.

89 cent cake from a box mix

Your life will open up in magical ways when you open your mind to joy. The right people will be attracted to you while the negative people will fall away, one by one.

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  1. Cute story! The “old” Stacey would definitely have been the first person in the video. So glad you’ve joined the ranks of the second!!!!

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