Is your self doubt your glass ceiling?

You have heard many the entrepreneur talk about why they left the corporate world. They saw that no matter how hard they worked and no matter how many extra certifications and degrees they got, they were still not achieving the financial success they expected. They could not seem to break the glass ceiling.

Can there be a glass ceiling in any areas of your life that may have nothing to do with finances? Maybe you think you are not smart enough to go back to school after all of these years. Perhaps you feel that you are too old to start a new career. Do you feel too broken down to exercise?

I want to share a story with you that with any luck will motivate you into pursuing your next dream.

I was 17 or 18 when I saw this crazy race on TV. Some 23-year-old, nutty woman was crawling across the finish line of a 140-mile race. Yes, it was the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon and the woman was the now famous, Julie Moss. Call me crazy. Call me an idiot. Call me insane, but there was something in me that really wanted to do that race.

Break that glass!

My glass ceiling included so much self-doubt that it was just a pipe dream. Luckily for me, I mentioned it to my dad. He was the absolute master of positivity. He knew how to put a positive spin on any situation. When he was around everything came up roses and everything seemed possible.

Yet I still could not fathom how I would be able to call myself an Ironman. Here were the reasons I created my own glass ceiling or limitations to excellence: I’m too fat. Those distance athletes were skinny and had no breasts. I only knew how to swim in a chlorinated pool with lane lines. How would I swim in the Pacific Ocean? I did not have a cool racing bike. How would I ride 112 miles on my Raleigh Grand Prix ten speed? I wasn’t the best track or cross country runner in high school. How would I do a 26.2-mile marathon after all of that swimming and biking?

My father knew of a Reiki master and set up an appointment for me. I had never heard of Reiki and was skeptical that someone could change the vibrational energy or thoughts that were holding me back from moving forward. He knew how to take dreams and turn them into tangible goals. He reminded me that I had already done the marathon distance many times, and practically came out of the womb riding a bike. Knowing I was a lifeguard and had access to many pools where we lived, he set out to help me turn my poor body image thinking into that of a true ironman.

112 miles

It did not happen overnight. I first had to get out of my own way and not obsess that I did not look like the typical triathlete. I rearranged my school and work schedule to train. I saved money for the entrance fee, plane fare hotel fee, new bike, and so forth. Six years after seeing that crazy race on TV, I competed and finished the Hawaii Ironman and went on to do two more!

What is your glass ceiling?

What negative thinking and defeatist attitude will you continue to allow? I pray that you will get that chip off if your shoulder, find a coach or counselor (I know one) who will be your cheerleader and move you forward in whatever you wish to accomplish.

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  1. Didn’t Dad also do one with you? Or did he just go to cheer you on? I’m so glad you did the Ironman! You rock! (I didn’t realize Dad got you a Reiki master!!! He was so Rad!) I guess I was already overseas by the time you were training and doing it, so I didn’t know all those details! Wow. Great story!

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