Month: March 2019

In the Heat of the Moment

My husband and I attend the “modern” service at our church. The music at the most recent service began with a Chris Tomlin song called Nobody Loves Me Like You. One particular sentence jumped out at me. “Story, I could’ve had a really different story.”

I just came off of a week where I did a virtual summit and my topic was forgiveness. I had ordered a book from an author who teaches forgiveness in her church community and it had arrived earlier in the week. Then God hit me over the head one more time by having the sermon at this service be on…wait for it…forgiveness!

So I began reflecting on the night that I caught my husband texting another woman. In the heat of the moment, I grabbed the phone and texted her back saying “You can have him!” If I had truly meant that, I could have had a really different story.

It may have looked like this: My husband and I allowed the affair to ruin us as we filed for divorce. The financial burden would have been great. The arguing over selling the house, moving into smaller houses or apartments would consume our days. The bickering would begin as to who got what kitchen appliances, furniture, bed set, trinkets, photo albums and more.

Time would be lost from work as we would quarrel often when seeing the lawyers or attorney-mediator. We can both be stubborn and opinionated so this would not be a slam dunk for either side.

Who wins???

We still had two children living at home. They would have been devastated and blindsided. How would the custody have panned out? To complicate issues, the kids were in different schools seven miles apart. How would the drop-off and picks ups now occur with our schedules? We both adored seeing our children perform in school functions and athletic events. Would I be allowed to see an event when it is his night to have the kids?

Who gets the dog and who gets the cats? I want the cats for sure, but will my tiny apartment allow pets?

Off to the title bureau we would go to make sure my car was no longer in his name. Should I keep the name I have had for more than half of my life or should I go back to my maiden name?

Most of all, despite the hurt, anger, distrust, frustration and pain of infidelity, I still loved my husband. No, I am not a doormat. I am a woman who saw 25 years of a marriage that still had potential. I am a woman who is as flawed as the next person. I am a woman who chose to forgive as well as be forgiven. I am a woman who has a really different story because I did not give in to the heat of the moment.

What is your story, your legacy, your deepest desire for this life? Please help me to make this blog more interactive and comment, share, contact me and allow your story to be heard. You are beautiful and wonderful and a child of the most high.

Today is the Day!

Today is the day you stick to your diet. Today is the day you start praying again. Today is the day you find passion again. Today is the day you start loving your spouse again.

Today is the day you will pop onto the How to Leave a Legacy of Purpose FREE summit. Go here now, today, right this minute.

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I am humbled when you take the time to connect.

A Follow Up

A while back I talked about clearing clutter from your life. I watched several Marie Kondo shows and was convinced that I could do at least part of my house. (See for the “before” closet picture)

How did it go? All I can say is WOW! I thought that clearing clutter would be of some benefit, but had no idea how free I would feel. Not only is there more physical space in many of the rooms I have done, but there is emotional space as well.

Book Shelves

What is emotional space? It is a place in your thoughts where you feel like you no longer have excuses. I can no longer put off writing, or other tasks that may allow me to create a bigger influence, impact and income that I desire. You see I was playing the “Oh, I’ll write that next chapter after I clear the breakfast dishes, get a load of laundry started and sort through that junk box.”

Dresser Drawers

If I have fewer clothing items to wash, and less junk in the junk box, there is nothing holding me back from tasks that I need to complete. When I walked into my office and saw drawers spilling over, boxes of papers in the corner, magazines I will never read, and even a box of electrical cords that I have no idea what their original purpose was, I would feel stressed. It wasn’t a full-on anxiety attack, but it was the feeling that I did not deserve to do something as frivolous as chill out with a magazine or play with my kitten when there was so much to do.

My half of the closet

Now, I can breathe easier knowing I do deserve to relax, play with the kitten, read a book, write a chapter in my next book, gaze out the window at the blue heron in my pond or whatever else suits my fancy. I still have miles to go before I would ever want a person with a Marie Kondo type of personality to spend any time in my home, but progress takes time and I approach it the same way as I would if I were given the task of eating an elephant. Do you know how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Please share your stories in the comments or post on the Stacey Greene Facebook page some photos of your successes.

Supplements and Vitamins
Kitchen Pantry

Legacy and Purpose

We certainly hear a lot of buzz words these days don’t we? Many of us want to know what is trending or what is hot.

Having worked in the leadership field for some years, and being a woman of faith, I have seen an exciting shift towards leaving a legacy and finding our true calling or purpose. But to me, legacy and purpose are far more than buzzwords or trends.

For years I found passion (or purpose) in racing and competing in everything from figure skating, bike racing, marathon running, triathlons and now kayaking. Great. Fun. Exciting. But when I think about how my friends will remember me after I make my transition, I don’t want them simply saying “Boy, Stacey sure did like running.”

I pray that someone, somewhere says something more to the affect of “Her books really saved my marriage” or “I was really impacted by her coaching.” Now that is the legacy that would mean more to me than being a Hawaii Ironman finisher.

Have you considered your calling or purpose? Is there something itching in your soul to create a bigger impact or influence on a particular group? Do you know your divine DNA? Is there something you want to conquer? Is there someone you need to forgive? Do you have resilience? Do you wish you had more freedom? What is your true worth? What do you want to rediscover?

Well, now is your opportunity to attend a FREE virtual summit that will go over all of these things and much more. Please attend with me from March 18th through the 22nd, 2019 at the site below. Watch from anywhere and grow with me.