What are your chances?

At a fantastic summit I attended, the speaker (let’s call him Dan, because that’s his name) relayed a great story about a conversation he had with a negative friend. The friend was convinced that the business Dan was in would never work. They went back and forth for some time as Dan told him of all of the merits of the business and how it helps people and the naysayer kept lobbing excuses back as to why it was just another way to sell products to people. First, I must interject with “Don’t all businesses offer products or services?”

The pessimist finally said, “What are the chances that this really works?” Dan, still attempting to be tactful, replied with (and I am paraphrasing) “Well, even if it had only a 1% chance of significance, I would still take that over doing nothing, which would be a 100% chance of no significance” The “Debbie-Downer” finally backed off and agreed.

Are you taking chances in advancing your life? What are your chances of impact and influence towards your fellow man?

Let today be the day that you pick up that book and start reading. Let today be that day that you make up with that friend who hurt you. Let today be the day that you return to a good Bible-based church. Let today be the day that you bite your tongue when you want to tell someone off. Let today be the day that you take a chance on a business venture or opportunity, knowing fully that it will take some effort and discomfort on your part.

The more self improvement you can achieve, the better your chances are of leaving a legacy you will be proud of. Enjoy learning, growing and expanding instead of being a defeatist.

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