The Seminar High

How many of you have to go to a training or seminar for your job? Do you relish it or dread it? Do you actively seek out ways for self-improvement or are they thrust upon you against your will?

Years ago I had a new friend approach me about a leadership group. I misunderstood and confused leadership with management and rejected all of her invitations to explore the meetings she regularly attended. At the time I could not see myself as a leader and did not understand that we are all leaders in some capacity every day. Thank goodness she was persistent and continued to invite me until I attended a seminar just to shut her up. My whole world changed at that moment, as I realized that learning does not stop with a diploma.

When you are raising your children your choices and direction are leading them through puberty and into adulthood. When I was teaching competitive figure skating I was leading the children in how to behave whether they won or lost an event. It takes grace to lose and not throw a hissy-fit. It takes leadership to refrain from bragging when you win and instead go and say something great about the program of one of the skaters who did not win.

Seminars get me high in a way that no doobie or shot of Jack Daniels ever could. When you learn from other people who have walked down a similar path you become inspired that you can achieve your dreams too. When you hear a speaker talk about a devastating situation he or she overcame, you cannot help but to go out and be hopeful that at least your situation is not that bad. Seminars, webinars, self-help books, Ted talks, Youtube videos, book signings, and podcasts are all ways we can step out of ignorance and into enlightenment in any area we wish to pursue or simply learn more about.

Maybe I am a dork about self improvement but I completely “geek-out” when I can see and hear a speaker that wrote a book that I have read or spoke on a subject I write about in my own books.

I want you to ask yourself these questions. What are you currently doing to live your best life? Where do you really want to go in your marriage or relationships with your children? What thoughts keep you up at night? What is one area in your life that is under attack right now?

If everything is just hunky-dory and your life is full of rainbows and roses, then I hope you tune in next week for a different blog subject, but if there is an area in your life where you question if your actions are serving you, then please contact me. I would love to listen. I bet I could even find a great seminar for you to attend in your area.

Never stop learning, growing and expanding. We live in the most exciting time in History. Just think about how the smartphone we hold in our hands has more computing power than the computers that took the Apollo 11 to the moon back in the ’60s. Can our brains still develop? Hell yes!

Go out into this world and do good. Hebrews 13:7 Remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you.

2 thoughts on “The Seminar High

  1. I consider myself a life-long student! I never want to stop learning new things, and reinforcing what I’ve already learned. I love to read new books, listen to uplifting videos and talks, and attending the occasional class or conference. Good for you, Stacey, for sharing your joy of learning with everyone!

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