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What a thrill it was in 2018 to have had Stronger Than Broken – One couple’s decision to move through an affair make it to the top ten in the 2018 Author Academy Awards. Although I did not win, the opportunity to speak in front of a crowd and share the book was an invaluable experience as I move forward in my coaching practice.

Watching the winners in the 16 categories go up in their suits or gowns and receive an award was inspiring. So many of them looked shocked and most of them said “I am speechless” before thanking all of the people who helped them on their writing path.

What I really resonated with was one woman, Anita M. McLaurin. She was not speechless. She walked up with such confidence and had her speech already written out. She knew she would win in the children’s book category. Her speech was thoughtful, well rehearsed and moving.

I want belief and faith that I too will win. So, I have entered the 2019 Author Academy Awards with Letters to the Dead Men – Unexpected Revelations in the Self Help category. I am fully aware of the stiff competition, as this contest is open to self-published authors, traditionally published authors and every combination of author in between.

Will you help me by checking out the book and voting for me? This book took me on a journey I never expected. My only intention was to honor the people in my life who had gone on to meet their maker. I had no idea how much grief I had been storing for years and how the writing process released those emotions and helped me heal wounds I still harbored.

The Self Help category will be on page 13 of the voting page, so make sure you scroll through all of the categories and vote once for each category on each page.

God in his infinite wisdom takes us just where we need to be and always at the right time. I am grateful for the healing that took place during the penning of this book. It has done so much for making me a more compassionate coach.

Enjoy these links: Letters to the Dead Men – Unexpected Revelations

Stronger Than Broken – One couple’s decision to move through an affair http://

If you are looking for a great children’s book, please check out my fellow author and an Author Academy Award winner, My Father Said I Could by Anita M. McLaurin.

Are you contemplating writing a book? I would love to turn you on to the fantastic group I work with. We will walk you through the entire process from the idea in your head to seeing your book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. Start here: http://

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