Thank You Michelle, Albert and Jessie!

Scene One: I am at church. A small boy is reading a passage with his family in order to light the next Advent candle. I cry tears of joy remembering my own children when they were so young and innocent. The feeling is intense.

Scene Two: I am watching the BBC series Call the Midwife when my son walks in while a devasted mom loses a baby and I cry. “Why do you watch depressing shows?” my son queries. My heart aches for the woman, fulling knowing that it is just an actor in a show.

Scene Three: It is any Christmas of any year.  My family is gathered around the TV while we watch the 1970 version of Scrooge with Albert Finney as Ebenezer himself. Everyone in the family knows the story. Not just the Chares Dickens story, but my story. I was seven when it came out at the theatre and I became obsessed with the music. My parents bought the vinyl record for me and my dear father and I would burst out into the song  Thank You Very Much.  When Tiny Tim sings The Beautiful Day you had better get the tissues out. Oh! and don’t forget that when I want to feel eternally grateful for my husband, I sing

Scene Four: My husband (yes the one I am grateful for) and I are arguing about nothing important. Sometimes it’s just what we do. I get angry and riled up for no real reason. I am irate when my husband dares to suggest that I am overreacting. But I feel so livid at that particular moment. How dare he suggest that my feelings are not valid. 

Do you have a scene that makes you cry? I love feelings. Happy. Sad. Angry. Thrilled, Joyous. Frightened. Exuberant. Disgust. Content. Surprise. Insecure. Pensive. Cheerful. They are all feelings and when you are having them, go ahead and have them. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or should not feel. They are your feelings, not theirs. 

Here are two songs that always remind me that it is ok to feel whatever I need to feel at that moment. One is Jessie J, a pop artist and one is Michelle Tumes, a Christian artist. Enjoy and I would love to hear your comments.

Sometimes it’s ok not to be ok.

“Greet the deep emotion
That sleeps beneath the ocean floor
Watch elation bound release
Its furious roar”
 Michelle Tumes

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