West Coast Launch

What a lovely time I had reflecting on my weekend as I was traveling back from California. I did a book launch party for the birth of the book Letters to the Dead Men – Unexpected Revelations on the 11th.

Letters to the Dead Men_paperback cover_createspace_2018-09-06
My second book

What a wonderful opportunity to expose the book to the other side of the states, but also to see the lovely sister I have not seen in three years. In the journey I took writing about the men I have lost in my life, I realized that family can no longer be blown off for such silly excuses as “I’ll miss four days of work”, “I can’t afford to travel so soon after the three day conference I just attended” and so on.

I want my only remaining sibling to know how much she is treasured and adored. I want to experience new opportunities and meet new friends. My trip to San Diego did not disappoint. We ate at various restaurants, attended a yoga and happiness workshop, enjoyed some sun and then she threw me the best party ever at her healing studio.

Prizes for the guests

Staying home just to make four more days of a paycheck just seems so silly. The money I may have lost in taking days off (entrepreneurs don’t get paid days off in the traditional sense of the word) is rather insignificant compared to the memories made. Embrace the opportunities to travel, grow, and love. May you be blessed beyond measure with silly stories, goofy pictures, and delicious food. Live your best life.

Best sissy pic
Living my best life with my best sister!




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  1. Awwwwwww! That was SO SWEET! It was a joy and honor to have my published author sister come out — even though it was way too short. And everyone who attended the party was blown away by YOU! Your poise, your humor, your smile, and your talent shone through with grace and joy! So, I’ll add to your blog by saying, I want my only remaining sibling to know how much she is treasured and adored. And you ARE! You’re now MY dear, sweet, little, white rose, and I love you SO MUCH, baby sis!

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