My Second Rant!

About a year ago I wrote My First Rant! about parents allowing their children to run around the playground with $600.00 phones instead of just playing, and parents that plug their kids into iPads at a restaurant instead of making eye contact with them and teaching social graces.

Well, yesterday I attended a celebration of life service for a distant relative. There was a lovely luncheon afterward, replete with pizza, pasta, fried chicken, chicken parmesan, rolls, and a salad bar to die for. My husband and I sat at a table where we knew no one. As we looked at the photos of the deceased placed on the table for us to remember her by, I saw a rather heavy set girl sit across from me. She must have been no more than 10 years old and I felt bad that she was already having such a struggle with being a healthy size.

When it was time to get in line for the buffet, I noticed that she had come back with nothing green whatsoever. She had a portion of pasta and 2 large pieces of fried chicken. I could hear myself saying, “Stacey, don’t judge. That chicken is really good!” and then “Stacey, stop looking at her. It’s her choice.” We later had an opportunity to go up for seconds, and I cannot turn down a salad if there are fun toppings to adorn it with. Indeed I feasted on nuts, seeds, mushrooms, raisins, cherry tomatoes, and shredded cheese atop of the lettuce and spinach.

Again the young lady sat across from me with her second plate of fried chicken and not a single thing to accompany it. Again, I reminded myself to make no conclusion, until I saw the mother come over and sit down too. She was so large, that I am sure she has a difficult time finding clothing to wear even in the plus size area of a typical department store. It was difficult for me at that point to feel anything but anger that this mother is teaching her child to eat in this way, instead of breaking the cycle of obesity.


I am not trying to be self-righteous in any way. I too struggle with my weight each and every day. As an adult woman, my weight has fluctuated over 50 pounds up and down, down and up over the last 30 years. While raising my children, however, I always encouraged, forced and bribed my children to eat some vegetables until it became a habit to have a healthy variety. My favorite story is that of my son when he was about 4 years old.  He was crying because his Grandma forgot to buy the ” spare-gus” (asparagus).

We all have our demons that we fight. But when you are raising the next generation of humanity, please consider the multiple ramifications of the choices you make as well as the way you are guiding the people in your care. God bless you and go enjoy that fried chicken. But eat your salad fist!


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