Waiting it out

What a grand vacation my husband and I had last month. We had four days of primitive camping and sunny days that seemed to be made just for us. The day we left, it began to drizzle just as my husband returned from the take out of the river he had been kayaking on. He needed three or four minutes to properly strap the boat to the top of the van before heading into a three-hour drive on the freeway.

Suddenly the drizzle became a deluge. He hopped in the van and we had to wait it out before strapping the kayak down. Things got tense quickly as it was our last day of fun in the sun before returning to jobs and commitments at home. The van was a mess with wet swimsuits, 2 bicycles, a stove, a cooler, all of our clothes that reeked of the campfire,  our sleeping bags, and pillows.

When the rain stopped, my husband stepped out of the van and into a large puddle. He went to turn the kayak upside down and the water it had just taken in from the rain poured down him like a waterfall. Furious now, he mumbled a few expletives and off we went, now noticing every car in front of us that was driving too slow or doing something asinine like putting on the brakes to go up a hill.


The beauty of the day came moments later when he calmed down and asked if I wanted to stop at the cemetery to pay respects to my Mother’s side of the family that was from that part of the state. I rarely get three hours from home so I readily took him up on the opportunity to stop and pray at the graves of my Grandparents, and one brother who was also buried there.


The rain had stopped, just for us as we reflected on the fragility of life. Suddenly a puddle stepped in, a rain-soaked shirt or a few swear words meant nothing of consequence. The real marrow of life comes from all of the other moments that create lasting memories. Forgive the tension that arises when we have to wait out the storms of life. Know that the sun does come back and shines abundantly on those that choose to see it. #LettersToTheDeadMen

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