Kayaks and Sunday Service

Years ago my husband tried to get me involved in kayaking. I tried it. It hurt my lower back and I was so busy with my own obsessive sports that I saw no need to add one more thing to my agenda.

I kept trying to get my sweetheart to come to church with me and the children. It was not of interest to him. He assumed our church was like the church of his youth, where there were a lot of rituals and boring sermons that had nothing to do with his everyday life.

Enter maturity. Over the years we have entered adulthood perhaps slower than most, but as they say, better late than never. At various times in our relationship, we have studied self-help books, worked through a workbook or two, had meetings with various pastors and just finally matured.


So much to my surprise. I love kayaking. All it took was for my husband to take some packing foam from his work and fashion it into a back support for the kayak I use when we paddle together. No more back aches for me.


Much to his surprise, he likes going to Sunday service at our church. All it took was for us to find a church that has biblical teaching within a community atmosphere. We chose a church that has small groups, relevant sermons and is alive in the Holy Spirit. Nothing is better than being around like-minded people who all want to grow spiritually-.


The most exciting thing for us is when we discovered that 24 hours is a long time. Did you know that we can do both church and kayak in the same day? Not only did we learn how to appreciate something the other one used to corner the market on, but we are growing in our faith and maturity while staying in shape for each other. Health and happiness never grow out of style.

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